K-Merchant Crypto Payment System – Everything You Need To Know

Discover the exciting new K-Merchant payment system, that allows any business or individual to accept cryptocurrency as payment with NONE of the volatility risk!

It’s no secret that the #1 obstacle that cryptocurrency adoption faces is volatility. Businesses are not keen to accept crypto (EG: Bitcoin) as a payment because it’s not always profitable to accept the risk of a speculative asset. For example, hypothetically a store might sell a product worth $100 and accept $100 worth of bitcoin as a payment, only to find out the next day that bitcoin had lost 25% of it’s value overnight. Now the store only has $75 in bitcoin.

Nobody wants that. Nobody runs a business with the objective of losing money. However with the new K-Merchant system this is no longer an issue. K-merchant offers an easy to use POS (Point of Sales) payment system for both online and offline stores.

Imagine being able to easily accept cryptocurrency payments from a phone, tablet or PC at the simple touch of a button, but have the amazing option of the K-Merchant automatically converting that crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, KaratGold Coin etc.) into the fiat currency of your choice! (Dollars, Pounds, Yen etc.)

This is now possible with the K-Merchant. You can customize your settings and chose at any time whether to have the crypto be auto-converted into fiat and sent to your bank account, or to keep the cryptocurrency in your own private wallets connected to the K-Merchant.

This means you don’t have to worry about what cryptocurrency is doing on the market, whether it’s going up or down in price. The customer pays with crypto but you get paid in fiat! This ensures you will never lose value due to the volatility of cryptocurrency prices.

Payments are so easy with this system. You type in the price of your sale and then pick the cryptocurrency the customer wishes to pay, and the system will generate a unique QR code. Once the customer scans this code with their phone or device, the payment will be sent through the blockchain, completely encrypted and decentralized and you will get a confirmation to finalize the payment on your end. One single click and it’s done!

There is no skill or knowledge of blockchain or cryptocurrency required to use the system, everything is streamlined, automated and simple to use.

You can even integrate the system into your pre-existing online store with minimal effort, simply the copy and paste of a snippet of code and the API will be embedded into your checkout. It’s also cross-compatible with current POS systems like Shopify and many others.

Digital payments are the future and the younger generation do everything from their phones these days. Apple-pay and Google-pay are already widely successful, but there was never a payment system that accepted cryptocurrency and removed the volatility risk at the same time. Until NOW!

There is no logical reason not to implement this new payment system and super-charge your business right away!

The system is 100% FREE to use. All you need to do is register your account @ WWW.KRYPTO-PAY.COM and click the confirmation link sent to your e-mail, and you will be logged in to your state of the art K-Merchant dashboard.

Don’t worry, the following tutorial video will explain how to register and how to use all the features of the K-Merchant.

So what are you waiting for? Try it out FOR FREE. Simply register @ www.krypto-pay.com

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