Karatbars New K1 IMPulse Blockchain Smartphone – Everything You Need To Know

Introducing the latest innovation in blockchain communication technology. On the 30th of March 2019, history was made at a conference in Dubai by Karatbars International when they released their latest product, the world’s first ever ‘Voice Over Blockchain’ smartphone! Cementing further this historical event was the first ever live stream sent over blockchain protocol. The phones will be officially shipped out in September, but you can pre-order yours today with a very special bonus by registering a free account @ www.karatbars.com

But first, let’s watch the official commercial:

Karatbars have truly launched themselves into the forefront of both financial and communications industries. Having now proven themselves to be highly successful in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space already, with their gold-backed cryptocurrency (KBC), I have no doubt that the K1 IMPulse will reign for a long time as the cutting edge of communication technology.

Let’s see how this phone works and what makes it so unique and secure:

As you can see the K1 phone is a cut above the rest regarding security and multi-purpose functionality. Here are just a few of of amazing perks you get with this phone:

  1. Sim card functionality
  2. WiFi functionality
  3. Independent satellite network (CryptoData)
  4. Patented technology
  5. No roaming / No phone provider needed
  6. Functions as a regular smartphone
  7. Cross-compatibility with all Android or iOS applications
  8. UNLIMITED media storage on the blockchain (photos, videos etc.)
  9. Linux based OS
  10. First ever fully functional multi-purpose blockchain phone
  11. Fully integrated multi-currency crypto wallet
  12. ATM integration
  13. Can store digital gold and any cryptocurrency
  14. Can make payments in gold, fiat, or crypto
  15. Can accept payments in gold, fiat or crypto
  16. Physical private key hard wallet ledger keeps funds and data secure
  17. No data is lost if the phone is stolen or broken, simply plug the physical key into any other K1 phone to restore all data
  18. Uses KCB cryptocurrency as gas
  19. Free calls & cheapest fees on the market
  20. High quality camera & other hardware developed by Sony
  21. All Karatbars apps are pre-installed
  22. Comes in multiple colour schemes (gold, black or camo)
  23. Easy to use
  24. Top of the range security features
  25. 100% decentralized
  26. Matrix identity allows for multiple phone numbers on one phone


Discover the power you could wield in your very own back pocket, that will leave your friends stunned in amazement. Feel what it’s like to be part of a revolution and be first in line to own this cutting edge technology, the best of the best.

Imagine being completely free and independent from the central banking system, and having your own bank in your back pocket.

Imagine being able to to easily make payments in any currency with a simple press of a button, or being able to withdraw cryptocurrency or physical gold from an ATM just by scanning your phone.

Imagine being able to make super secure, private, and encrypted live stream voice calls over the blockchain without anyone being able to spy on you!

Now with the K1 IMPulse you get all this and more.

Let’s go over some of the technical specifications:

This is just the beginning. What’s even more impressive is that Karatbars International plan to eventually make the patented VOBP technology open-source. This will allow programmers and developers to create their own decentralized applications with this technology. The means there is huge potential for growth, and who knows what bright future the K1 IMPulse could be paving the way for.

And that’s not all because for a limited time only, you have the opportunity to acquire this phone FOR FREE! All thanks to the special pre-order bonus where the company will reimburse your purchase by up to 200% with cryptocurrency. Other offers give you 100% back so you break even and are at no loss by purchasing one, getting the phone for free. But the larger offer pays you back double what you paid, and gives you the phone on top as well. They are essentially paying you to own this phone.

Obviously this is a very limited time promotion for the early birds only. The offer ends end of April 2019. So ACT FAST and get yours today!

Simply register for a free account @ KARATBARS.COM and chose either customer or affiliate, it doesn’t matter which. Then complete your KYC process and head on over to the products list and select ‘K1 IMPulse’ to see the pre-sale offers. You can purchase using Visa, MasterCard, bank wire, or even Bitcoin.

Only 2 million of the phones have been made, so they are limited edition and will likely sell out very fast. Do no hesitate, register your account and get yours ASAP!

Bonus video: See the first live stream over blockchain

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