Karatbars Scam Reviews: DEBUNKED!

In this article, i shall be debunking many of the false, misleading, deceptive and uninformed claims made about karatbars by review bloggers. Unfortunately, i am forced to do this because some people believe that typing “karatbars scam” into google and reading the first review they find constitutes legitimate research. Sorry, but it does not, and i will explain to you why.

I will break down a vast array of claims I’ve seen from these negative reviews, using a simple to understand bullet point format. But first, a quick overview of what Karatbars is.

Karatbars HQ in Stuttgart

Karatbars International was founded in 2011 on the principle of bringing the power of gold’s stable and rising value to the world’s citizens. By offering gold in quantities as small as one gram, Karatbars provides a method of acquiring gold that can be easily stored and easily exchanged. Its new Karatgold Coin cryptocurrency allows investors to benefit from a new gold standard. Because it is backed by gold, as the U.S. dollar was during the years of the gold standard, Karatgold Coin holders are given a stable store of value. With gold behind it, Karatgold Coin retains the stability needed to serve as a means of exchange for real world goods and services.

The company maintains its headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. This office serves as the logistical center for the company’s worldwide operations. Order processing, marketing, and customer support are all centrally located in Stuttgart. Orders for physical gold are shipped anywhere in the world via secure FedEx courier.

Karatbars produces gold from its mine in Nadir, Turkey. To obtain additional gold stores as backing for Karatgold Coin, the company entered into a joint-venture partnership for a gold mine in Madagascar, from which it obtained $900 million USD worth of auditor certified gold deposits.

CEO Harald Seiz announced the opening of Karat Coin Bank in May, 2018. This fully licensed bank, located in Miami, Florida, brings banking services to cryptocurrency investors. The company also runs gold trading operations out of Singapore.

Sustainable growth through economic action, social responsibility, and environmental awareness underpin the company’s actions. The Karatbars philosophy includes serving clients‘ interests through transparent communications processes. Management works to always implement improved methods of bringing value to its customers.

The CEO is a well respected individual of high status. Senator, Dr. Harald Seiz is a true humanitarian, whose mission is to get as much gold into the hands of the people as possible. He is achieving this by supplying high quality gold bullion products at the lowest price on the market and in the smallest increments, making it accessible to practically anyone.

He has received a doctorate for the study he published on the practicality of gold as money in the event of an IT blackout (can be accessed from the karatbars back office) and has been awarded the honour and title of Senator for the Federal Economic and Trade Promotion Association. He is also a member of the Economic Council of Germany.

Despite all this, there are some who doubt the legitimacy of this amazing company, and for that reason i shall now address some of the disinformation circulating on the web.

Claim: “Karatbars is a scam / ponzi / pyramid scheme”

False. This is the most common objection you’ll hear from negative reviewers. It’s nothing but a derogatory statement from a place of ignorance. Ponzis and pyramid schemes are ILLEGAL.

Karatbars’ model does not legally constitute the definition of any kind of scam. See the video below to understand why:

You have to bear in mind that Karatbars operate legally in over 135 countries and are state approved. Not to mention that they have partnerships and licensing deals with huge brands, such as MasterCard who issue private prepaid cards to affiliates. Our commissions are paid to these cards every Friday. We also work exclusively with FedEx to handle all the insured deliveries.

We’re partnered with the LBMA refineries to make sure the gold is always pure and of the highest possible standard. We even have a licensing deal with The Vatican, to use the pope’s image on one of our branded collector’s gold cards.

These huge brands/organisations, and their expensive legal teams surely would have investigated Karatbars before partnering with them. They have expensive legal teams to do this, and to make sure they don’t tarnish the reputation of their brand by partnering with scams or anything suspicious.

So the research has already been done. Who are you going to trust? The legal teams of these giant brand names, or some random blogger on the internet? Think about it.

Claim: “The gold isn’t real, and affiliates do not get paid”

False. The gold is 100% real, 99.999% pure, and essayed and accredited by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). You can find countless videos of people having their karatbars tested for purity at their local precious metals dealers. Never has a karatbar turned out to be a counter-feit. This partly due to the incredible security features you only find with karatbars gold, they are essentially fraud proof.

Myself, and every other affiliate i know, have always been paid on time, and every single penny of commission they make. They also always get every single gram of gold they ask to be delivered. It’s a 100% legitimate commercial operation, no funny stuff, no monkey business.

Claim: “The only way to get cheaper gold is to recruit people in exchange for discounts on the gold”

False. This is complete disinformation. Karatbars has NEVER offered discounts on gold as a reward for growing your team. Not now. Not ever.
There are discounts, bonuses, rewards and incentives of all kinds, but karatbars has never offered a discount on gold based on how many people you register. They do however very generously reward affiliates with commissions, incentives and bonuses based on their sales. If an affiliate chooses to spend their commission on some gold instead of out of their own pocket, then that is their choice.

Claim: “Karatbars is an MLM business model”

False. As the video at the top of this article explains, Karatbars’ business model does not constitute the legal requirements to be classified as MLM. It is simply an e-commerce referral program. Not unlike the affiliate programs run by other huge companies such as Amazon and Ebay. It’s called affiliate marketing and is a proven and legal business model.

The best advertising in the world is always going to be word of mouth, and so many companies accept independent affiliates and chose to compensate them for advertising for the company. Nothing unusual about it at all.

It is truly imperative that it is understood that the business side of karatbars has always been completely optional. You do NOT have to invite anyone to the business in order to purchase gold, cryptocurrency, or any of our other products.

There are no obligations, no dues or fees, no subscriptions, no quotas to meet, nothing like that at all. If one did chose to become a business partner, they pay a single one-time fee for the business package, receiving some free gold, marketing brochures, and some other goodies. And now they have a business for life. You can even leave your business and/or gold reserves to a beneficiary.

Claim: “The gold is too overpriced and a rip-off!”

False. This is just a simple misunderstanding from people who do not quite understand the gold markets. There are 2 main problems here. Firstly, the inability to distinguish between spot price and retail price, paper gold and physical gold. Secondly, not having a full grasp of the products available.

The reviewers will tell you that karatbars sell a gram of gold at $70, when the real price is only $42. Some of them even say the price is hundreds of dollars, mistaking the price of a business package for the price of 1 gram! However, one needs to understand that they are comparing the price of a physical gram and numismatic collector’s item against the spot price of gold.

If a person types “Price of gold” into google, it will only show you the spot price.The spot price is the price you will pay on paper gold (gold stocks/certificates etc.) not physical gold, plus you have to buy at least 100 ounces in one go to get that price. Retail price is the price you will pay for a physical gram from a bullion dealer, and you can never buy those at spot price, due to premiums and productions costs etc.

Furthermore, it needs to be said that they are also comparing the price of a collector’s item. The classic cards and branded cards are a different class of product, they are gifts and collectables and bare the images and trademarks of huge brand names that Karatbars have partnerships and licensing deals with. For example, MotoGP, Barcelona FC, even The Vatican.

These sorts of things increase the value of the item. Nobody is forced to buy them, and there we much cheaper gold products available from Karatbars that are so conveniently overlooked by these negative reviewers, such as the Cashgold product, which we’ll come to in a moment.

It’s also noteworthy that the classic cards and branding cards are a product that is part of a commission system. It basically allows to people to donate to their sponsor while still saving their own wealth in physical gold simultaneously. These make them fantastic products when Karatbars is utilised for charity, churches and other fundraising. It’s a win-win.

Incidentally, nothing can be further from the truth in regards to the claim of overpriced gold, it is in fact quite the opposite, and in my experience turns out to be the highest quality of gold product for the cheapest price on the market!

Enter: Cashgold! These gold products are very competitively priced, and fixed to the London spot range set by the LBMA. While they are not exactly spot price, they are exceedingly close to spot, especially for a physical gold product. It’s quite easy for an individual to do a price comparison, and there are many sources out there who have done this.

At the time of writing this article the spot price is gold is $42, and the price of one gram of cashgold is $50. This is a very low and affordable markup, and to date i have no found a better price from any other bullion dealers out there. Besides, even if they ‘were’ to match the price, they do not have the quality of product that is a karatbar. Karatbars gold have high tech cutting edge security features, such as DNA forensic markers, that make them unique to the gold market. You’d think something like that would effect the price, but with Karatbars it does not. Despite the superior quality of product we still offer them at the cheapest price.

Karatbars even offer FREE storage for your gold, which can drastically save on shipping costs as well.

Suffice it to say, Karatbars gold is not overpriced, and if anything it is undervalued. A quick investigation and price comparison will reveal this to anyone who actually put the effort in, unlike the trolls and haters.

Claim: “This model doesn’t work. I tried stuff like this before”

False. If anything this argument is just a logical fallacy, assuming that because one has failed at a business opportunity before, that it must be the same for all other businesses. I see reviewers attempting to compare karatbars to other business models, and actual MLMs and pyramid schemes.

As we’ve already covered, the way Karatbars business model operates is vastly different from your typical MLM. Never take advice on a business, from someone who has not actually tried that business. Don’t think just because they failed at the business that it means the business is bad or ineffective. Some people just don’t want to accept responsibility.

What you put in, is what you get out. It is NOT a get rich quick scheme, and a lot of people give up when they realize this and see the hard work they have to put into it, just like any other legitimate business.

Claim: “Karatbars is BANNED in Canada! They got in trouble!” (The AMF Warning)

False. The Canadian government merely launched an investigation into Karatbars many years ago to see if their operations were legitimate. Of course, they passed with flying colours, no charges were pressed and Karatbars have operated legally in Canada ever since. Bloggers constantly bringing up this point are fear mongering and living in the past.

Claim: “Investment packages come with a timed free membership period, after which an annual membership fee will be withdrawn”

Absolutely false. This has never been the case. Karatbars offer their accounts for free, indefinitely. Business partner status is optional and a one-time purchase. There are no periodical membership fees of any kind.

Claim: “The KBC cryptocurrency is a scam”

False. This is untrue for the same reasons why Karatbars itself is not a scam. There were a bunch of negative articles written when the KBC was first announced, spreading all kinds of hate and FUD. They are very outdated now, and they are surely eating their words.

The KBC coin itself has been wildly successful. It raised over 100 million USD in it’s brief ICO phase, selling out in two months and making it one of the most successful ICOs ever. The market price of KBC is currently now 8X higher than it’s initial price. Making investors very happy, although it’s still early days yet and the coin has much more potential.

Moreover, Karatbars had set a goal to reach a market cap of 500 million by the year 2020. It’s early 2019 and we’re already way ahead of schedule. Check out the stats on etherscan if you like: https://etherscan.io/token/0xf3586684107ce0859c44aa2b2e0fb8cd8731a15a

The KBC has been accepted for trading on many major exchanges already. These include: CoinSuper, Coinbe, HitBTC, BitForex, Yobit, BitFinex, Digifinex, and Karatbit. And don’t worry, Binance is coming very soon!

Claim: “You can’t exchange KBC for cashgold”

True. What? Yes, this is actually true, at the time of writing this article at least. The exchange rate will officially be set on July 4th 2019. The company has given us it’s guarantee that on this date, they will set a fixed exchange rate (independent of the market price of the coin) of 100:1. Meaning, 100 KBC tokens can be exchanged into 1 gram 24k gold. Since it’s only

April and this date hasn’t passed yet, you will have to wait and see whether this promise is honoured. I’ve been with the company over 3 years myself, and everything they said they would accomplish, they have done. I don’t see why this would be any different. Their reputation speaks for itself. Post July, i will simply amend this claim to false.

Claim: “There is no gold to back the KBC, and no proof that it exists”

False. Karatbars make a regular point of showing all the gold they have acquired from the gold mines. It’s very transparent. Currently there’s about 1.5 tons in the vaults, and steadily growing. There are also professionally commissioned audits of the mines and the vaults, and those documents are available to anyone from their karatbars back office.

I’m sure there are other objections that i may have overlooked, and there’s always a logical and reasonable answer for them. For in most cases, the people making these objections simply have not done enough research to have all the facts.


So why do the negative reviewers make all these false claims? That’s a good question, and i could only hazard a guess. In some cases, it is just people venting their scepticism online.

Others, just can not stand to see anybody else succeed. And in some cases, like that of the notorious Ethan Vanderbilt, negative reviewers actually make a living from negative reviews. Go figure.

They will call EVERY company a scam and write a bad review like “Is X Company a scam?” because they know people will type “X Company scam” into google and their reviews will be the top of the results, and they make large sums of money purely from all the traffic they are driving to their websites, from their ads.

Of course, they also like to slander business opportunities, only to present their own as a solution. This is a conflict of interest and it’s clear for everyone to see. You’ll notice almost every negative review written about Karatbars ends with the author promoting their own business as an alternative.

The following article exposes Ethan for these deceptive practices:


In closing, i hope that anybody reading this can see the true value of Karatbars International, and how lucrative the opportunity is to save in gold get paid in gold. I hope you understand why you should take blog reviews with a grain of salt, and i hope this information has eased your mind and dispelled some initial scepticism. If you have any further questions, or perhaps an objection i have overlooked, please feel free to contact me.

Of course the best way to do your research, is to get involved and actually try it out! After all, the account is FREE, and you can start your own personal off-shore gold reserves from just as little as $5 for your first tenth of a gram of 24k gold! If you’d like to see for yourself why people are going crazy about Karatbars, register your free account @


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