My Top 30 Favourite Things About Karatbars

My Top 30 Favourite Things About Karatbars International

1. Opening your gold savings account is 100% free, and always will be.

2. Karatbars have no monthly fees. No hidden charges.

3. Gold is the most stable hard asset, with 5000+ years of history of that stability. Given the nature of fiat currency, the more gold you own is directly proportionate to how little debt you have.

4. There are no obligations, everything is optional. Absoluteley zero requirements.

5. The product (gold) is the the highest quality and grade on the market. 99.999% 24Karat, and is recognized as a legal form of money around the world. It is currency grade gold.

6. Karatbars gold is the highest security gold on the market, complete with DNA authentication, UV markings and other high-tech security features. Karatbars gold is fraud proof.

7. The KaratPay App for iphone and android allows you to run a business in your back pocket, where you can buy, sell, trade, exchange or transfer between any amounts of gold or fiat currency at the touch of a button.

8. The K-exchange program allows you to register your pre-existing business on the K-exchange database, letting every affiliate know you accept 24K gold as a form of payment for your goods or services. Likewise, a customer can browse these registered shops and businesses and use either gold or fiat currency as payment.

9. Karatbars ‘Cashgold’ is a unique and exclusive product to Karatbars International. Cashgold is the best of both worlds, the accessibility and familiarity of a bank note, but with the stability and store of value from the embedded weight of pure 24K gold inside it.

10. Karatbars is 100% transparrent, and out in the open. Customers and affiliates are well informed and kept up to date. Nothing is hidden, and executive wages are public information.

11. Karatbars is a registered business open to over 120 countries worldwide. They currently have approximately half a million affiliates.

12. Karatbars have been debt free since their foundation in 2011. They have an annual revenue of approx. $3M and growing stronger every year.

13. Karatbars constantly give you free stuff. There are incentives and rewards you can acheive through growing your business, but occassionally they will send you a free gift and some friendly words of encouragement.

14. Karatbars pays you to save your own money in gold, and show others how to do the same. The generous compensation plan is like no other.

15. Karatbars give you FREE cryptocurrency, whenever you personally save money in gold, and whenever a referral makes a purchase.

16. Karatbars have their own bank (Karatbank) situated in Singapore.

17. Karatbars store your gold for FREE.

18. Karatbars have partnerships and licensing contracts with huge companies and brands such as FedEx, Mastercard, The Vatican, Real Madrid FC, and coutnless celebrities.

19. Karatbars deliver your gold at any time you request, it is insured by FedEx and comes with tracking. You can also determine what increments and denominations you want the gold to be.

20. Karatbars gold is reasonably priced. You can not find a higher quality and more secure gold product on the market for cheaper than a karatbar. Fact.

21. Karatbars always pays it’s affiliates every penny they earn and always on time.

22. Karatbars CEO Harald Seiz is a humanitarian visionary, a trustworhty individual with vast knowledge of economics. He is always thinking about the ‘little guy’. He was recently appointed Senator by the German Federal Association for Economic Development.

23. Karatbars gold is private issue. They can not be lawfully confiscated by any authorities.

24. Karatbars have multiple ways for affiliates to generate income, and they are always doing new offers and promotions to give more for less.

25. Karatbars do regular events all year round, travelling the world to bring you the latest news and business tips. We also love to party hard and have annual celebration events in Vegas.

26. Karatbars’ referral program is structured in such a way that your sponsor actually helps expand your organization as they grow their own. In this way nobody is left alone and everybody profits together.

27. The Karatbars affiliate network is like family, everybody helps each other, there is no competition.

28. Karatbars are user friendly. The website and back office interface is streamlined and easy to use.

29. Karatbars are revolutionary in their field. Always one step ahead of the game. Constantly bringing us new products, promotions, and opportunities to attain great wealth.

30. No other company in the world pays you to save your own money!

Of course there are many other wonderful perks worth mentioning, but i urge you to find them out for yourself, by registering for your free account. Come join the family and see what all the fuss is about! 🙂

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