Karatbank-Coin ICO: New gold-pegged risk-free super-crypto will change your life!

Picture the scene: You want to save money. So you decide to start putting money aside for the future but in physical gold bullion (99.99% 24K) to retain the value of your wealth and not be affected by the inflation of fiat currency.

You sign up with karatbars for free and begin filling up your savings account. You can exchange any amount from 0.1 to 100 grams whenever you please. It is stored for free, and you can request a delivery of any amount when you like.

You decide to pay a one time fee for an OPTIONAL business package, and get a business for life which gives you many other bonuses and income opportunities. The package you chose determines the commission rate you can earn on referrals.

You think this is a good idea so you tell other people, friends, family etc. They start saving money too, and you get paid, earning commission on all the gold they buy, and earning points on all sales made by those people’s referrals as well (onto infinity). Those points create cycles which are bonus commissions. And they are very generous commissions, you can easily make back whatever you paid for the package.

But here’s the real kicker, with the brand new implementation of Karatbank’s (a subsidiary of Karatbars) new cryptocurrency KaratbankCoins (KBC) a new opportunity for a perpetual wealth cycle and passive residual income is here! – First off, you will get free cryptocurrency when you buy in at any package level.

Every time you save your money in gold with karatbars, they will issue for their affiliates FREE KBC, free cryptocurrency. You can earn 200 KBC when you buy just a single gram of the cashgold product. A gram of cashgold costs around £60. Not only will that £60 be secure and free from inflation, but the tokens you got for free (starting at 0.01 euros / 1 cent each right now during the first week of ICO) will increase in value by about 1 cent per week for 8 weeks, Eventually being at 8 cents before it’s launched onto the public exchanges.

Let’s say the value rises to £1. You have 200 tokens you got for free just for saving £60 of your own money in gold. Those tokens are now worth £200.

You made £200 for free, and still have that initial £60 in value saved in pure gold. Theoretically, you can then take a portion of the £200 profits Lets say £120, and exchange them for 2 more grams of gold. You’ll get 400 free Karatbank coins.

Maybe a few month’s later the rate is now £2 per coin, you just made £800. And you haven’t spent a single penny. There’s no risk when the cryptocurrency is rewarded free.

Oh, and you can also earn the coins as commissions as well, along side your regular commissions. If someone you refer buys a gram of gold, you’ll get your normal pay for that but also an extra 5 cryptocoins on top of that.

The prices i’ve outlined are speculative of course, but the way the system is modelled, can you see the potential there?

Karatbank coins are pegged to the cashgold product and instantly redeemable into gold. No other company in the world rewards you so vastly just for preserving your own wealth.

Secure your position NOW, contact me for more info. The ICO is already live and at 1 cent per coin, and you can get up to 40% extra bonus coins (currently) if you but them now. So you can invest into the coins as you would with any other cryptocurrency, but my point is that you can also be earning them for free every time you save money in gold. Think about it.

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