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Karatbars Scam Reviews: DEBUNKED!

In this article, i shall be debunking many of the false, misleading, deceptive and uninformed claims made about karatbars by review bloggers. Unfortunately, i am forced to do this because some people believe that typing “karatbars scam” into google and reading the first review they find constitutes legitimate research. Sorry,…

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Karatbars New K1 IMPulse Blockchain Smartphone – Everything You Need To Know

Introducing the latest innovation in blockchain communication technology. On the 30th of March 2019, history was made at a conference in Dubai by Karatbars International when they released their latest product, the world’s first ever ‘Voice Over Blockchain’ smartphone! Cementing further this historical event was the first ever live stream…

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K-Merchant Crypto Payment System – Everything You Need To Know

Discover the exciting new K-Merchant payment system, that allows any business or individual to accept cryptocurrency as payment with NONE of the volatility risk! It’s no secret that the #1 obstacle that cryptocurrency adoption faces is volatility. Businesses are not keen to accept crypto (EG: Bitcoin) as a payment because…

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About P2G

Welcome to Paper2Gold! P2G is an independent website which  aims to promote and provide viable strategies to attain wealth and financial security.  I created this project to share my success and happiness with others and dispel some of the illusions surrounding the notions of money.

The premise is simple: Turn your fiat paper currency into GOLD money!

P2G aims to provide quality trading advice, economic news, marketing strategies, entrepreneurial training and all around easy and affordable options for buying, selling, and using precious metals. Ultimately seeking to offer solutions against debt and economic crisis situations, but also to have fun and make profit at the simultaneously.


Who are Karatbars International? –

Karatbars International is a rapidly expanding German based E-commerce company that specializes in providing the very finest quality and most secure 999.9% pure 24 karat gold bullion on the world market today, strategically formatted into smaller and more affordable denominations.

Karatbars was established in Stuttgart, Germany in 2011 by visionary CEO & founder Harald Seiz and have been debt free since their inception. Since then they have achieved an annual turnover of over 130 million euros. Currently our network spans over 600,000 customers and affiliates in over 120 countries which operates as an extended family of businesses, entrepreneurs, and personal individuals alike who all share in profits, education,and  fun.

Our flexible savings plan is the ideal way to save in currency grade gold bullion without having to lift a finger. Karatbars International GMBH makes it easy to accumulate physical gold from the comfort of your own home by giving you a free savings account with free storage options or insured FedEx delivery and streamlined automated purchase options.

“My mission is to produce the highest quality gold available in the market, make it easily accessible to the masses of honest people around the world at a price point everyone can afford. My goal is that Karatbars helps millions find financial freedom from the current system of debt. ” — Harald Seiz ~ CEO, Founder & Visionary of Karatbars International



Why Save In Karatbars Gold? –

Gold has been a preferred international trading commodity for as long as human history, it has stood the test as a stable and viable form of money for over 5000 years.

In times of uncertainty it is a traditional storage place for wealth. Gold is used as an economic hedge against inflation and political conflict that might disrupt the domestic and international economic balance. Historically, when a country’s citizens sense economic uncertainty they turn to gold for stability.

Gold provides security, portability, and future liquidity. To feel the warmth of pure gold is to feel the weight of history in your own hand. The power of its beauty and allure is undeniable.

  • Karatbars gold bullion guarantees you financial stability and will serve in times of economic upheaval as a globally accepted payment and medium of exchange.
  • Owning Karatbars gold in smaller, more transaction friendly weights are strategically important. It is wise to own small units OF 24 karat bullion bars to protect capital.
  • Karatbars International GMBH will actually reward you in either cash or gold for Purchasing their products & showing others how they can do the same.
  • Karatbars are the World’s most secure bullion against tampering & fraud and therefore the easiest bullion to liquidate if/when required.
  • Karatbars has a affiliate program which give you more discounts on the buy price and could lead you to get free Gold from earning commissions. You can’t argue with FREE GOLD.
  • Karatbars ‘K-Exchange’ program and ‘Karatpay’ mobile app makes it simple and easy to acquire goods and services in exchange for your gold and vice versa. Registering your own store or business let’s the world know that you now accept karatbars gold as a form of payment. You can even earn 10% GOLD BACK by purchasing from a registered k-exchange store.
  • Karatbars CASHGOLD is an exclusive concept that can not be found anywhere else. With the accessibility and portability of paper notes but with the intrinsically backed value of the embedded gold, it is the best of both worlds! –  [ Learn more about CASHGOLD by clicking here ]
  • Karatbars buy-back price is extremely reasonable, you never have to get ripped off by a pawn shop or “Cash For Gold” store should you ever need to liquidate your gold assets.
  • There are NO hidden fees, minimum/maximum purchase requirements, or obligations of any kind. The system is free to use and operate how you see fit.


Karatbars International Affiliate Program & Compensation Plan –

There are 3 KEY factors that make The Karatbars Compensation Plan very unique, extremely lucrative and globally appealing.

1. One of the biggest things that makes the Karatbars Comp Plan so lucrative is the GLOBAL demand for the product, the Karatbar.

2. What really adds to the appeal of a globally available, high demand product is the fact that there is no cost to Karatbars customers or affiliates.

3. What makes the Karatbars Compensation Plan even better, is that the earnings & profits that you and your team generate, can be redeemed in cash, 999.9 Gold Grams or a combination of both.

Customers that you or any of your personally enrolled team members refer, don’t “spend” their paper money to acquire gold. They simply exchange their paper money for Real Money which earns YOU weekly and/or monthly income and a slew of bonuses from that activity.

It is a no cost Gold savings program that offers each participant the opportunity to exchange their paper money for gold, direct, without the need to go through a Bank or Broker.

Why are so many people around the world recognizing the importance and urgency of trading their paper money for real money?

If you’ve read the series of financial articles I’ve written and freely share with all who are interested, you’re already aware that in 1971, paper money replaced “Gold Money.” In other words, the paper dollars we use today became what’s known as a fiat currency with nothing of intrinsic value to back it.

When that happened, paper money became a fiat currency with no Real Value. In other words, paper money, which once had value because of the GOLD and silver that backed it, LOST ANY and ALL of it’s intrinsic value.

Until 1971, Gold is what gave paper money it’s value. The “paper dollars” we hold in our wallets have NO VALUE in and of themselves. They were created initially as a receipt of sorts, representing ownership of gold and silver that was stored to give those otherwise worthless green pieces of paper their value.

Since GOLD backed currency was eliminated by the U.S. government in 1971, combined with the fact that EVERY country in the world pegged their currency to U.S. currency and based the value of their dollars on U.S. currency, paper money is no longer Real Money and has ZERO Intrinsic Value regardless of where in the world you live.

On the other hand, Gold has retained it’s value on a GLOBAL scale and will retain it’s value as it has for more than 5000 years.

Bottom line, for those who see the necessity and enormous benefits of trading their paper money for real money, who also want to grow and/or retain their wealth, it’s more of a wise exchange (trading bad money for good money) rather than the “spending of money”.

Karatbars offers 7 ways to generate income and it’s the most fair and generous compensation plan that exists today and certainly the highest leverage plan you’ve ever seen.

Technically there are 9 ways if you include the new Premium and Premium Professional package options granting you a type of share in the business which generate you another bonus income on every single gram sold in the entire company. More on that later in other articles.

Moreover, it is easy to access your earnings because Karatbars pays you ON TIME every single Friday of every week when commissions are funded straight to your pre-paid karatbars mastercard. Only legitimate companies are issued their own private mastercard, so you can rest assured with the professionalism of the company.


Don’t hesitate, join the family today and be part of history in the making!

A message from our CEO:

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